Graduate Programs

The following list includes graduate programs offered at the U of S. For college-level policies and information, please visit the Academic Information and Policies page.

Important Information and Terms of Use

Formerly known as the University Calendar, the University Catalogue is an online document that includes the Course and Program Catalogue, Academic Calendar, tuition and fee information, registration and admissions policies, and other information and services. The University Catalogue contains some of the policies and regulations all students of the University of Saskatchewan are required to observe. Not all University of Saskatchewan policies and regulations are contained within this University Catalogue. For the most current and complete information about matters outlined in the University Catalogue, contact the relevant academic or administrative unit. 

The contents of the University Catalogue are subject to continuing review and revision. The courses listed in the Course and Program Catalogue are not necessarily offered each year. The University of Saskatchewan reserves the right to remove, change or amend, at any time and without notice, the information contained in the University Catalogue, including its programs, course offerings, fee structure, policies and regulations.

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